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Surfing through your own closet, you find a few old redundant locks. People tend to throw these locks away as they can’t find the keys to these locks. However, you can use these locks again just by rekeying them. Sometimes people lose the keys to their home entrance, their garage doors or even their offices. The best security measure in case of loss of keys is to make sure that you rekey your lock. You do not want an intruder to enter using your lost key right? Our company, Gallery Locksmith Store offers some of the best locksmith services in Florida City, FL area. These locksmith services are offered in timely manner and in a fixed budget. We also offer rekeying lock as a service to all our clients at very affordable rates in Florida City, FL area. 

Rekeying of Locks

Rekeying locks is a necessary security action that needs to be taken in several cases. If you have a property that has not been used since a while then it is important that you rekey locks. This will prevent intruders from entering your premises. Also, when keys are lost rekeying locks is essential for security reasons. What if the key lands up in a thief’s hand? Beware and be conscious of lost keys and keep rekeying locks for more secure premises. 

Why Rekey?

Many of our clients ask us why should rekeying of locks be a regular affair and why can they not just buy new locks instead? We at Gallery Locksmith Store in Florida City, FL area believe that affordability is an essential factor. Rekeying locks is one the cheapest methods to make sure the premise remains secure at a lower cost. Most of the time rekeying locks is possible but at other times when it is not are stated below. 

Replacement is required, if:Gallery Locksmith Store Florida City, FL 305-307-5763

  • Lock has been destroyed
  • Your lock is ancient and corroded
  • The lock is outmoded
  • It has undergone heavy wear & tear
  • You want improved safety

Experts for Rekeying Locks 

Our experts at Gallery Locksmith Store are equipped to handle and secure all premises by rekeying locks. They will not advise you to replace the locks unless they deem it absolutely necessary. The moment you think your premise is unsafe, call us over and our team of locksmiths and engineers will come over, assess your systems and advise the needful. Professional rekeying is a call away. Call us soon!